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Dhaka Handicrafts is an independent non-profit, non-political local organization designed to assist impoverished and disadvantages rural artisan families to attain self –sufficiency and to protect and market traditional craftsmanship.

Dhaka Handicrafts (DH) started its journey under the registration of joint stock Company in Bangladesh as “Company limited by Guarantee” on August 25, 1999.

Former EDM Handicrafts (Enfants du Monde- Handicrafts) has been transformed in the name of Dhaka Handicrafts. It was a project, initiated by Enfants du Monde- Bangladesh, a Swiss non-governmental organization with headquarter in Geneva.

Dhaka Handicrafts is a craft producing and exporting organization that has expanded its business throughout the world on the basis of fair trade principles. The organization promotes craft products through enhancing the skills of rural artisans in Bangladesh. Dhaka Handicrafts exports basketry items made from cane, bamboo, date and palm leaves and hogla fiber, as well as terra cotta items and other decorative products.

All products are produced after careful analysis of western taste and demands in terms of design and materials. The primary goal is to maintain high quality products for which artisans are paid fairly. Dhaka Handicrafts deals with its artisans in a transparent manner, and seeks to improve their social and economic well-being. Self-reliance is encouraged through a savings plan for artisans.

Caring for the producers with the motto “producers’ first”, Dhaka Handicrafts Ltd.has been carrying out activities geared towards welfare of the artisans. The company imparts training for skill development, provide education support and render economic assistance for other income generating activities so that they are encouraged to afford the educational expenses of their girl child. Support to pregnant mothers for a period of three months after delivery of child is an initiative of helping them to maintain post natal care and nutritional status for breastfeeding.Producers, as the core of the all activities, have been provided due recognition of the increasing. The organization has been trying to respond to various socio-economic needs of the producers. To communicate and share with the producers, several rounds of consultative workshops and events have been organized. 

Regular flow of orders from the buyers as well as their suggestions and advices on design innovations continuedare very instrumental for sustenance and growth of business. The company is committed to the principles of fair trade and artisan welfare. Despite fluctuations of market and variance in export flow caused by al recession, the company could maintain a steady growth and profit in the year.

The company has been utilizing eco-friendly technologies in order to maintain a pollution free friendly working environment. It always tries to ensure adequate health and safety measures of the employees and producers that are compatible with the safety standards. Providing appropriate instruments (e.g. spectacles, gloves) and creating awarenesson workplace accidents and health hazards, we have been trying to maintain an eco-friendly working environment.

“To be the leading handicrafts exporter of the country".
Mission Statement:
“Collaborate with the impoverished artisans in production of natural resource and recycled material based handicrafts".
With a view to achiev this aim the defined objectives are as follows:
1 To create fair income generating opportunities for socio-economically deprived artisan famlies.
2 To make the target families and the respective producing groups self-reliant through their own income, savings and awareness of self-help.
3 To address gender issues and encourage women leadership. 
4 To enhance the skill of disadvantaged artisans by providing various skill development training in order to live on a fair trade benefit.
5 To introduce savings and local resource mobilization schemes.
6 To practice and promote Fair Trade Principles, producers welfare and family development.
7 To continue the development activities of EDM Handicrafts without changing the basic guiding priciples.
Core Values:
1 Welfare of Artisans
2 Assuarance of quality
3 Fairness
4 Transparency
5 Accountability
Our commitment to producers:
1 Interest free advance payment with each order, for the procurement of raw materials.
2 Savings scheme for producers’ old age security.
3 Safe working environment and flexible working hours.
4 Health care.
5 Training for quality improvement and product development.
6 Incentives for production quantity and quality.
7 Rights to participate in pricing, product development, decision making of the organization’s activities.
8 Prompt payment.
9 Sapling distribution for the conservation of environment.
10 Equal wages for women and men producers.
11 Gender focus on women.
Our strength:
  42 years experience in production and marketing.
  Approximately 1,375 producer families with over 6,875 beneficiaries, working in 31 groups throughout Bangladesh.
  Skilled producers with high production capacity.
  An organization committed towards fair trade.
  Environmentally-friendly products.
  Highly professional quality control team
  Modern warehouse facilities with moisture detector and moisture control system.
  Regular process of product development.
  Well equipped office with modern facilities of communication
  Self sustained organization without any external dependency.
  28 regular buyers in Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific.
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